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Quality and Open Rolls / Range for Pistols/Rifles

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by TIE » 10 Jan 2019, 17:34


I got two small questions about the rules. I hope someone can help me.

1. Quality and Open Rolls

On Page 103 of the Book "Alter Ego" is written:

Wounds caused by weapons "...The chance of an open roll depends on whether the weapon is improvised, light or heavy, and the quality."

I didnt find any rules how the quality modify´s the open roll (light/heavy/improvised are clear and statet in the chart)?

2. Range for Firearms

Is it right that Handguns fires around 18m at its best and Rifles 60m? It feels a little bit short. The full damage range is only half as long!?

Wiki says the effective Range for the Brown Bess are around 100y (91m) and the maximum Range 300y (275m). Thats a lot more the the guns in the rules section have.
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by Mepmapu » 15 Jan 2019, 16:00

Yeah, the quality element seems a bit ... under-developed, and added as an after-thought.

But you're correct, it doesn't seem to affect damage at all, except effective range, but the OR is unaffected by quality.

The addition of decent+ and excellent+ qualities on pager 96 adds to the confusion of what qualities do.

Concerning range. You seem to have it right. I don't know too much about this effective range business, but I'm sure they have their reasons - or have forgotten a zero somewhere. :P

I'd easily double the ranges of the rifles, I mean, look at the light crossbow's range.
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