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A forum for the game world of LexOccultum. All discussions regarding the occult 18th-century world and questions should be asked here.

by Umberto Octo » 30 Aug 2018, 10:17

Something that had been bugging me since I first read about this game is the incorrect Latin usage in the title (it should be LexOcculta, if my modicum of Latin skill is successful). I am quite glad to see the inconsistency addressed and made a part of the game world (pg 61, Lex Libris):

Many believe themselves to know the truth, but there are few who really know what is going on. These select few have named their fateful knowledge ”LexOccultum”, the ”secret law”, using wrong Latin grammar to mock ignorance, shading even more confusion to the non-enlightned[*].

* = "non-elightned" is a typo in need of a fix.
Umberto Octo
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