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Let's talk about fear.

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by Tiggz » 30 Jul 2018, 15:37

Hello everyone,

First of all, I really like the idea of having fear as a secondary form of damage that can be taken. I use it with great abandon. :D

However, regaining fear - as written - seems a bit clunky from a housekeeping standpoint. You receive 1d10 fear back after 1 minute, 1 hour, 6 hours, 24 hours, and every 24 hours after that. A lot of rolls.

I am therefore house ruling this to make it simpler: you get a roll after the encounter, one at night, then one every morning after that (given normal rest).

As I'm sure you notice this will make it more difficult to remove fear. I like that though, as it adds urgency and value to the fear system overall. It becomes another reason the players need to be careful together with persistence in the wild and normal damage.

The reason I did this, was to make it more similar to healing damage. This made me ask the following questions: what about (a) Vitner spells, and (b) Dimwalker spells? What about something (c) skill related, similar to First Aid & Nursing?

(a) Vitner Spells:
This is the simplest one as the spell Courage (Kjarkku) gives 1d10 fear back immediately, and reduce further fear gain by -4 per instance.

(b) Dimwalker Spells:
There are several Dimwalker spells that increase the Psyche trait, which in turn affects fear. My assumptions of the rules as written are that if the spell is active 1 minute after fear was gained, it will affect recovery. E.g. even if you cast the spell after the encounter that immediate roll of fear gain the psyche modifiers.

For example: the Power of Enken spell "Willpower" will give 1d10+4 back.
(The rules as written, presumably, would give another 1d10+4 back if the spell is held active for a full hour. It would cost 63 divinity points. But hey, if you have a couple of horses handy for blot, why not?)

With the above mentioned house rule, I would be happy to give that bonus if the Dimwalker keeps the spell active for a full hour in the evening.

(c) Skill roll to remove fear?
There is currently nothing in the rules that does this.

Since I really like the mechanics of the Nursing part of First Aid & Nursing speciality, I came up with the idea of using Entertainment instead. A good story or some soothing music at the end of the day help settle the nerves and reduce fear. With the following rule suggestion:

For every successful entertainment roll (either Music & Dancing or Storytelling, relevant specialities apply) increase recovery by one per every hour of entertainment (max 3). Bonus apply to morning fear recovery.

For example: A player plays some music for two hours in the evening and makes both rolls, the players would gain 1d10+2 fear back in the morning (psyche modifiers apply).

Just a couple of thoughts from my end.
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by Siljestam » 31 Jul 2018, 15:22

I like the idea, and to give Charisma further clout it could be added as a modifier to how much fear you can get your friends to recover through entertainment and encouragement.
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