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How do you set difficulty?

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by ianinak » 23 Dec 2017, 00:48

In other game systems there are things like threat rating or combat ratings, which can help a GM match a party of players with a suitably challenging monster(s). As a brand new Gm to the system, I am having trouble figuring out what monsters would be appropriate for new beginning players. Does anyone with experience have any suggestions? Do I just go by body points on the enemies, or make other humanoids with the same creation points as the characters? How do my players know that something hey run unto is something they can overcome, or if they should run like the wind?

Also, my understanding is that the two included adventures are meant for experienced players and can be pretty challenging. I don't want my players to die in the very first combat and was wondering if there are any beginner adventures or short one-off missions we can do to learn the systems without being thrown to the wolves.

Any help would be greatly apprpeciated.
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by b1ck.w0lf » 24 Dec 2017, 23:33

You are not the first I see having trouble with the subject.
The game is a little bit old school in this aspect, It does not concern itself with setting the difficult but rather as leaving it totally open to the game master. But It ain't hard to get an idea of the challenge. Match your player's against a simple monster like a goblin, one for each player and later add a bit more danger like road bandits, again one for each player. This should give you the right idea of the challenges and the dangers for the player's characters.
And if you are afraid of killing your player's character, create some test PC's and roll it against the monsters yourself when you are preparing the game session.
Hope it helps you, have fun!
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by Hangfire » 01 Jan 2018, 19:17

My group did exactly that - rolled characters and ran some combats. It gave me as the GM some idea of what was too hard - undead VERY deadly against 300 point characters by the way. It also gave the players a good idea of how characters worked and allowed them to make changes.

I'm wondering if all the characters need to be 700 points to run in both of the published adventures that we have available to us? It would be nice to have something lower power to get a feel for the setting and such.
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by Storm » 02 Jan 2018, 13:17

One of the misconceptions might be that most encounters must be able to be solved as combat. That is NOT the case in TC (or any other d100 game) and especially not true for Wildheart. Following this approach will auickly end the lifes of your heros. And since they do not really get immensely more powerful, no matter how much experience they have (this is NOT D&D), it does not make sense to give them 700CP. It only steals away the feel of accomplishment you get when playing a character for such a long time to gain this experience. And it will rune stale quickly.
In TC you need more common sense as was used back 20 years ago.
-Are we outnumbered? RUN! Let’s get reinforcements.
-Is it big? RUN! Let’s build a trap or anything that can even out the odds.
-Does it have “powers”? RUN! Let’s search for information about it first and find some countermeasures.
-Can it talk? Let’s try to reason with it and reoleplay our way through the encounter.
....or simply try to solve a problem by finding a solution to the question of how best to avoid it.

You see you really don’t need to compare hit dice or encounter and threat levels and such. In real life...what would you do when running into a zombie? easy.
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by Ratatosk » 17 Sep 2018, 08:49

The CP available are a good indicator, too, I think. Less CP means they can't attack as well/as often, or can't parry and attack in one round with good chances, and so on. Of course, one well placed hit can end a fight very quickly. That's why I agree with Storm - players should use common sense and not seek out every opportunity to fight.
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