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by EinBein » 10 Dec 2017, 17:33

Dear community

After finally receiving the PDF copies of the very successful Kickstarter and having a first check of the contents, I couldn't help missing a few things that I may have grown used to in other systems. From the gamemaster perspective, these are mainly helping hands and inspiration on which kind of adventures are most suitable in the world of Trudvang, along with some inspiration for campaign seeds. I know, there's a lot of information buried in the rich background texts, but how is the group of "heroes" supposed to fit into that?

Hope someone understands and can explain, because I'm at a loss of words on how to say it more clearly what I feel is missing.

Many thanks in advance!
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by Storm » 17 Dec 2017, 14:58

I totally agree - the world might even feel a bit intimidating at first, with it’s incredibly rich background and the evocative art. Rest assured, help is on the way. Apart from the two already published adventures, The elven horn and Wildheart, a new introductory adventure is just about to be finished as we speak. Furthermore there is a fullfledged campaign coming up in spring that gives you a fairly accurate feel for how heroic stories might be run.

In general you could still use adventures and ideas from other sources with little customisation, until you get the first true setting book, Stormlands, in spring. Trudvang derives it’s inspirations from ancient celtic, finnish and viking stories. Therefore rpgs centering around these will be of help. Yggdrasil, Keltia, GURPS Celts and Vikings, AD&D Vikings & Celts, Runequest’s Vikings and Mythic Brittain, Rolemaster‘s Vikings are some usefull examples. But even a Conan sourcebook about Cimmeria or the other countries to the north of it can shed some light, as well as the pictish wilderness. Just make sure that you always try to include a bit of fairytale strangenes and underlying horror to it. In the end this is a wild world with many secrets humans still don‘t understand.
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by EinBein » 24 Dec 2017, 20:37

Thanks for the response!

Merry Christmas btw!
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by Storm » 02 Jan 2018, 13:05

...and a happy new year! Since you have been playing DSA sourcebooks and adventures centered around Albernia/Nostria/Andergast will be useful for you, too. Especially those themed with the fairy domains in those areas. There are some very nice adventure anthologies and a campaign, Der Weiße Berg, that can be easily converted to give you a proper TC feel.
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by TIE » 04 Jan 2018, 13:50

Hey EinBein,

maybe it helps to start with small things. I am also new to trudvang and miss some more GM helps to "master" the world. The only helpfull are the descriptions from the bestiary and the small fluff text´s from the rulebooks.

For example at the beginning of the Wildheart Campaign is a small intodruction. The PC´s have to bring some stuff from a to b but "b" isnt on the maps!? Or I didnt find it. (The part why they go near wildheart not the seetravel).

I hope in the near future comes a worldatlas or something who discribes the Citys on the map in more detail. Who rules, some points of interest and so on.

But now back to topic.

I decide to make the lack of information to my campaign idea. The players will grow with their characters and visa vi. For this I had the Idea they start as kids, and over three Adventures I will introduce them into trudvang. I use some sages from the bestiary and mix them with trues and false to dive into the world´s deep.

The chars start in a small village that lives from agriculture, hunting and fishing. The village is made of 5-6 families (small NPC pool) and lies near a big, dark wood, and a lake /river so I can bring the main trudvang themes. The next bigger city is a week away, between the citiy and the village on the old road is a small Inn at half way to the city. So I got an exposed "border" like situation at the village and some interessting destinys to travel, some wild, some civilisatet.

Over the three small adventuers the chars will grow, from kids to teens to adults and each adventures comes with some special theme from trudvang.

At first the mist

- the adventures starts during a village gathering, some villagers (parantes from the Chars) came back from the city and bring some new things to the village, like sweets, tools and so on

- short after the return the mist from the river crawls in and the family´s gather together in the big hall and the olds tell story´s about the mist during the morning raises

- one char got a small pet (cat/dog) from his parents and during the next days during they play with the dog they go to far in the wood and are suprised by mist and get lost they will see their first undead and will be rescued from one of this living trees who helps them (something like this)

At second the hunt

- this tooks around 6 years later, the chars ready up for their first huntingparty in the woods and the adventure is about coming of ages, hunting, but also lost- Maybe the dog from the first adventure (now a big hunting dog) dies until its fight with the chars or one of the parants are heavily wounded during the haunt

- here I will introduce the fact that the magic from trudvang works in two way´s maybe the wounded only dies bcs. the olds deny some help and dont want to use magic in fear of its negative impacte elswere in the world

At last the war

- in this part the village was targetet by a raiding party of trolls n´ a giant

the singns of the attack comes slowly, some cattle vanished and so on. The end is total open, the chars can go to fight, try to get help from the city, or anything else, all is possible

After this the chars are free to explore the world, maybe take revange from the giant, seek the troll treasure or or or...

The metaplot will be around something they learned during their first night in the woods and mist. The chars are some sort of chosen from the gods (something like this). That´s why the raidingparty attacks the village in part three and so on. Another reason for the characters to go out and explore the world.

That was my first Idear. Maybe more if I work it out, its only very dare at the moment.


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by EinBein » 04 Jan 2018, 18:59

Hej Jan, thanks for the great input!

I'd personally skip the "chosen" part and make the part just a group of gritty survivors in a world full of sinister magic, untrustworthy creatures and strange human peoples (who are also untrustworthy) and an epic travel. But this is just me not liking chosen types. It's especially tricky in a game system like Trudvang where heroes can die rather quickly...

You should certainly give them some motivation to travel far and wide after the village burnt down. Like that the undead they saw in the mist took somehow part in trying to defend the village in your third adventure (and being destroyed in the process), giving the PC's a motivation to check the mounds of these creatures and look for clues why they supported the living families. Then maybe some inscriptions or items in the tomb hint at the origin of the dead, which should be quite far away... The quest would be about discovering the mystery behind this incident which can be stretched ever on even after reaching this first location after months of travelling with further information leading to several new and even further away places :D

And about the heroes dying problem: Every time one heroe dies and is replaced by a new adventurer, he could be on the same quest but for different reasons.

Maybe these buried people were some kind related to other people in other parts of the world like having been in some ancient organization or having killed an ancient dragon together and being in possession (now the graves) of different parts of some broken ancient item and so forth...

What a good idea of yours that can spark so many adventures to follow :!:
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by TIE » 05 Jan 2018, 14:03

Hej Tim,

nice ideas but let me explain why I (for me) go on with the "choosen" characters ;)

I'd personally skip the "chosen" part and make the part just a group of gritty survivors in a world full of sinister magic, untrustworthy creatures and strange human peoples (who are also untrustworthy) and an epic travel. But this is just me not liking chosen types. It's especially tricky in a game system like Trudvang where heroes can die rather quickly...

Yes right, Trudvang is a deadly world and I think the fightingrules will proof that. But for me nothing is cast in stone. A choosen may die, it´s still trudvang with tragic heroes. Maybe the choosen never find out why he was the choosen...or what choose him. I think about it like the cinemotion "Ronin" with Jean Reno and Robert de Niro. All hunts the silver suitcase but noone knows what is in it. Humans die during the hunt and in the very end all was left was a...right..silver suitcase. Thats how I think "choosen" should work. It´s not importand that you belive you are a choosen it´s importand what other think...even if they are wrong.

During the first part of the Adventuer, the little childs in the wood, the players as group recive the prophecy from the yggdras where helps them against the undead in the mist.

The one who is born in the shadow of the red twins
During a dark night
Is the tamer of Dragons
And the Jotuns bane

Maybe in this moment even the yggdras was wrong, but the players never their charakters.

You should certainly give them some motivation to travel far and wide after the village burnt down.

And thats why I go on with the choosen. During the attack of the trolls the player learn that the trolls are here to kill the child that was born under the "clay hills" (red twins) during a "lunar eclipse" (dark night). And I hope after they survive or flee the charakters feel guilty about the destroying of their home and all the dead bcs. they remember the words from the yggdras. Over the first two episodes I try to build some relationships between the charakters and the village so its harder for them to loose some freinds rather then anonymos NPC´s.

And than I hope they go out in the world to seek the truth behind the prophicey and all what you discribe comes to play.

And as an sideeffect I got a better motivation for "Wildheart" than that the campaign offer it to the GM. They dont escort the wagons with draugdrops (maybe they take the way with the wagons) but their true motivation is to find the temple of the dragon knights in the wood as one part of the prophecy/history behind it.

Even this can be done as a riddle

"Seek the tomb of Brenag in the wood of no return"

If they seek hints for that they will learn from the wood called wildheart and that according to a legend Brenag lies buried in a temple deep in the woods.

And tata :D they have a reason to seek wildheart and go in the dark forest.

All this are only some free thoughts and need to woven together.

But I realy like to disuss this here with you :D that is realy brainstorming!!

Thx for that!
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