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Skills - Creation Point Costs and SV Values

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by russec » 13 Jan 2018, 01:01


I've had the Kickstarter books for about a week ( Thanks RiotMinds! ) and in attempting to make my first character I want to verify I understand CP cost calculations and resulting SV values correctly for Skills:

Inquiry 1
The CP to go from one SV level to the next is equal to the next SV levels value. So going from SV1 to SV2 is 2CP, thus the total final CP cost to purchase Skills SV (1-10) is the accumulation of each previous SV level. Therefore, given that SV1 is free ( as a new player always starts with it), the total accumulative CP cost to purchase a given SV level is as follows:

Lvl 1 - 0
Lvl2 - 2
Lvl3 - 5
Lvl4 - 9
Lvl5 - 14
Lvl6 - 20
Lvl7 - 27
Lvl8 - 35
Lvl9 - 44
Lvl10 - 54

Are these cost correct?

Inquiry 2
For Disciplines and Specialties it's accumulating the Cost values shown on the chart on page 44 of the English rulebook to find the final CP cost for a purchasing a given level. Therefore a player wanting to outright purchase a given level ( assuming they A. already have Discipline lvl1 and B. have the proper SV level) would have to spend the following total CP amounts:

Lvl1 - 7
Lvl2 - 21
Lvl3 - 42
Lvl4 - 70
Lvl5 - 105

Are these costs Correct?

Inquiry 3
When calculating the SV for specialty it is always the Specialty_Lvl*2+Parent_Discipline_Lvl+Parent_Skill_SV. Therefore if I have Agility SV8, but don't have Battle Maneuver Discipline, and therefore don't have the Evade Specialty then my Evade SV is still 8 due to Agility (0*2+0+8). Is this correct?

Thanks Community and Team for any confirmation or corrections! I have more questions incoming :)

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by russec » 13 Jan 2018, 07:37

I just discovered the Character creator on Riotmind's online service, confirming the calculations above for SV cost and D/S are correct.

Regarding my third inquiry, the online calculator seems to show that unless I specifically have a lvl in a Discipline or Specialty I don't have a SV for it. Does this mean that if the GM asks me to make an evade roll and I don't have evade that I:

A) Automatically fail due to not having an SV value to roll against
B) Still roll but hope for a 1 since that is always a success
C) Defer to using the base Skills SV value ( like Agility in the case of Evade )


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by Kaeam » 13 Jan 2018, 18:42

Hello Russell,

According to the page 46 of the Game Master's Guide, you can't evade at all if you don't have the Evade specialty.
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