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Värld och inspiration

-Illustrationstråd- Henrik Rosenborg

Ett forum för spelvärlden Trudvang. Här ska diskussioner och frågor om Trudvang ställas.

by Garkt » 29 Jan 2016, 20:54

För många år sedan började jag min resa mot att bli illustratör till yrket i de gamla riotmindsforumen och där hade jag en tråd likt denna så jag tänkte fortsätta posta mina alster här, de som är inspirerade eller skulle kunna passa i trudvang!

-Gorgram- ... -587446828

For years Gorgram had walked the northern woods in search for the one, elusive creature he had heard some many stories about. As he stepped into the glen where a pillar of light cut through the ceiling of the forest he saw it graciously making it's way towards him. He swiftly extended his arm and shortly after it landed, the fabled Fifrildi.

-Nogu- ... -587446446

For a millenium he'd been standing guard, steadfast as an oak. He'd seen the brave adventurers lurking the shadows, pondering if it would be worth to possibly sacrifice everything to reach the entrance behind him. His searing gaze piercing their souls. Him and his brothers forged from the pitch black darkness of the void, he was sentenced to an eternity of stalwartly defending the seemingly endless, dark tunnel that lead in to a world beyond the heart of the forest.
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by MaxHerngren » 29 Jan 2016, 23:25

Snyggt Henrik! Gillade speciellt den första :)
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