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Competency of new player characters

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by Mepmapu » 06 Jan 2019, 15:07

Creating characters, yay!

What are the expected levels of skill (SV) for starting characters?

I know there are three different categories of starting XP, or creation points, but how many skills, and disciplines, and specialities, should one expect to be decent at? Or to put it differently, how would you suggest people spend their creation point on skills, up against the other things to spend them on: characteristics and power sphere(s)? Ignoring social class for now.

The archetype gives you 50 CP to use in the archetype skill, which means you can get it to SV 9 (44 cp). And sure, you could go for SV 8 and slap on a Discipline level or two. And another question here, as it is unclear in the book: to get Disciplines and Specialities I need to have my SV at a certain level, but do I need to buy Disciplines before Specialities, and must Disciplines always be higher, or can I go straight to a Specialities once my SV is high enough?
-And related to this: the SV referred to as requirement, is this the SV from the skill, or the combined SV from Skill, Disciplines, and Specialities? It isn't explicit and clear about this.
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by edberg88 » 07 Jan 2019, 14:44

to buy Specialities, you must first buy at least lvl1 i the above Discipline, once you have lvl 1 i Discipline you can buy higher lvls in Specialities.

The SV req. is the SV of the Skill.

Hope it helps :)
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by Mepmapu » 07 Jan 2019, 16:20

Thanks! :)
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