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by Lobst5r » 04 Oct 2016, 19:08

I said that I would start a thread talking about the RiotOnline site last week, so I'm glad I've finally made time to do this. Sorry :oops:

I'm also posting this with the understanding that the RO site will be undergoing an overhaul at some point in the future, but I wanted to talk about my experience with site features and what might be done going ahead. I don't know enough about Web design to offer much helpful criticism so please bear with me, lol

My primary experience with RO (English, of course) is through either mobile Google or Firefox (Android OS, if that should make a difference), which is mostly browsing text, and also Firefox on PC which is what I wanted to focus on.

Bookmark Links:
The chapter links work well (I assume that each chapter is a single, scrollable table, correct?) and opening one always begins at the start of the chapter. Each subheading become problematic though, and clicking them can link to locations that can be either quite a few lines above or below the intended location.

The Printing Feature:
Simply put, it did not work for me (there was no prompt or response when clicking it), so my question is what is its intended purpose? it is to print the current chapter, correct?

I read more than I play and the previous points were issues that I've experienced. From here I only wanted to touch on my thoughts on miscellaneous ideas.

I'd like to suggest a note-keeping accessory. What are your thoughts on the viability of a highlighting or bookmarking feature that would allow GM/player to keep "text clippings", or maybe links to player-marked locations in a text body, and organize those resources in a personal file in that user's notes? That way a user could quickly access texts needed for their sessions.

Finally, I was also wondering about what I guess I might refer to as a GM screen, but what I mean by that is a collection of useful tables that a GM can refer to for quick notes (such as size charts, damage tables, weather modifier tables, etc), but kept in a single location.

Now, take all of this with a grain of salt, I don't know of course the cost/time effectiveness, or usefulness, of implementing or correcting these things, and I also do not know what amount of server space would be required to do any of the latter suggestions. More than anything this is just a way to begin a discussion to aid in future updates for RiotOnline.

(if this post would belong in another category please let me know)

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by Theo » 12 Oct 2016, 09:24

Hey, L
we are looking into these things. We're also looking into making it more streamlined and more as a complement to "regular" play. Good feed-back though!
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by Ratatosk » 16 Sep 2018, 22:37

So, it's been two years since that post. Has anything happened?

I've tried to get in contact with folks at Riotminds via email about Riotonline, but never received an answer. My group and I would really like to use Riotonline, especially for character creation. As the OP said, the printing feature doesn't work.

Is anything still being done with Riotonline, or will this be left to die and rot?
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