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by Bjarkathur » 18 Sep 2016, 16:05

Hi everyone.

Im currently the GM for "Galtevår".

I wanted to get some fitting music for the different chapters or milestones in the campaign, so i made a list.
This is the current one if you guys are interested in trying it out, perhaps make it more fitting to your liking.

Do you guys have any type of lists or so for other campaigns? Maybe I'm the only one doing this instead of having a long random playlist in the background :)

This is a half finished / polished one but let me know what you think :)

Haven under Galtevår:

Utomhus Förmiddag -
Taverna -
Mjödstuga - ... ND&index=7
Blotet -

Vägen till Bjarnskogen:
Blåsigt -
Vanlig färd -

Allmän -
Natt -
Lägereld -
Alvstaden -
Trollen anfaller -
Fjoltrollen -
Trollbyn -
Grottan -
Galdrasang / Vägen tillbaka -
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by Galdron » 02 Apr 2017, 20:45

I myself tend to use a mix of ambient sounds and music. Right now I am building up a campaign that I have been working on for three long years. The only thing that I have set in stone is the song that is supposedly the theme for the entire campaign.


Spotify campaign list:

I will go in on greater details of my campaign at a closer date since I am really in need for help from the wise elders of the forums.
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