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Dual Wielding Initiative

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by Taleisin » 05 Mar 2018, 01:04

Hi all,

My group had our first Trudvang session today. One question that came up was based on the initiative used when dual wielding weapons.

Let's say a character is using a heavy one-handed weapon in one hand (IM -4), and a dagger in the other (IM -2). We saw three possible scenarios of how that affects the turn order:

- The character's attacks happen at different points in the initiative order (dividing CP's between weapons in advance)
- The largest IM penalty weapon takes precedence
- The two IM's are combined to give -6

Has anyone else out there found or created a rule for this?

Thanks in advance
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by Garra » 05 Mar 2018, 12:39

I am quite sure you add both weapons IM together to -6, if the character is going to use both of them during his turn. I also think you have to use your cp to attack during your turn, and only spend cp for parries and attacks of ooportunity outside your turn, I.E no dividing up your attacks to happen at different initiatives. Not 100% sure though, but I haven't read anywhere that you can divide your turn, only postpone it.
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by Mugge » 10 Mar 2018, 22:33

As Garra write, one puts the initiative penalty together to find your spot, just like armor mods or if you want to use your shield to block or bash the same turn.

So for example, we have a trained berserker who is right handed cause that's righteousness;

Agi 10
Bodycontrol 2 (removes -2 penalty)
-Ambidextrous 5 (removes -10 penalty)
(The off hand penalty goes from SV -15 to SV -3)
Fighting 10
Armed 2
-right hand 1H heavy, 4
-left hand 1H light, 4
Battle experience 2 (+2ini)
-fighter 4

We have
12 free combat points
Armed attack and parries 2
Attack and parries 8
1H heavy 8 (right hand)
1H light 8 (left hand)

He rolls initiative to slice a wyrm (1D10+2 OR10) and rolls 5 (ending at 7)
He loves his Stjorn makir (-5 ini) and his off hand seax (-1 ini)
Using both his ini would land at ini 1 (naked fighting no armor penalty yay)
When it becomes his turn, he would now have the impressive 38 combat points to parrie or attack (8 lockt to his off hand), but each of his off hands receive a penalty -3 SV
Right hand goes Stjorn makir 9, 8, 7. Leaving 14 for his off hand seax (4 WA)
So if he went 7, 7 (4, 4 after off hand penalty) or going all out with one attack 14 (11)...
(Me as a GM or as I see the rules, it's a penalty.. But you always hit on '1'
So if he wants to run amok, with the 14 points as left earlier and WA 4 he could go 11, 1, 1, 1, (ending at 8, 1, 1, 1.))

With the same ini roll 7 using Off hand only would be 6, or Stjorn makir only at ini 2.
So for example; GM counts down on ini reaching ini 7, now if the righteous berserker knows the wyrm is about to chew up his best mate, and the miracle happens that wow the wyrm is slow this round, and he truely wants to wants to save his friend, and hoping for the wyrm to have rolled 1 on initiative and not having a bonus... Well chances is small, so using both weapons to run the wyrm trough before it dines his friend is nearly gone.
-ini 7, this time he cannot save his friend running like a coward... Not that the thought was there..
Counting on the GM goes to -6 yay the wyrm is really slow and cannot act now, so forsaking his main hand this turn, he could rip up the wyrm with his off hand and hopefully save his friend; with 30 combat points, but each attack would gain a -3 penalty.
If he thought as player, my seax is useless, I need the OR from my heavy hand to save ma' man he would have to wait for the count 2 on ini to take his turn, so he waits...
- Ini 3 comes and swallow his mate is gone... Now going only main hand seems a little dull... So ini count 2 is called and he still doesn't need to choose before the count is up, so he could still wait and go both weapons at ini 1...
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