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What in the what is this system?

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by Flug Riddaren » 26 Feb 2018, 19:54

I used to play Drakar och Demoner 6 and Expert back in the day. I bought the old Trudvang box in Swedish.
But I thought I return to it as the kickstarter came. Supported! Love to see the support for the game and wanted to DM Vildhjarta for my group which I myself played 15 years ago or so. But.

Big big bug but. As I already supported, and I would have anyway. I noticed it is the horrible and extremely streamlined Trudvang system, gone is all the roles, the "Särskilda förmågor" and is there seriously no stat changes to races? The stat system sucks by the way, in my opinion, Riotminds.

But beside that. I do not really know what to make out of the skill system. The one example about Agility skill, Horsemanship....discipline? And Riding speciality is it? The system is overly conveluted in the wrong places but streamlined to hell in other places.

Like when do I add in stat modifiers?

I was really familiar with the old system and loved it like nothing else. Could someone explain the system more deeply and detail than the book itself explains it? Otherwise I think I just restat it for GURPS or drag out my old expert books from the shelf and play old Vildhjarta instead.
Flug Riddaren
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by Mugge » 27 Feb 2018, 19:09

Hey, I'm an "DoD Expert" fan who really loved the old magic system (I believe it was 2.0 in Danish edition), i only recently found and bought Trudvang in the hopes of a fine polished DoD comeback, but now as I'm game testing it, the more I have to accept its a new game with flavor of old, but not the same.

I were a little sad to find out that :|
-like every earlier DoD game the rules is spread everywhere
-they removed a little of epic characters, core rules -> every skill now have a max
-boosting your spells can make 'em quiet powerful, but using flame or soil craft this way would make you a once/8 hours rest trick pony, and the kill wouldn't even be ensured (killer spell casting in my opinion had quiet a nerf and I were a huge fan of the old PSY-point system)
-a lot of rules is op to the GM to decide, like craft materials, magical items and what character/race limitations there is... (Ps again a huge fan of old expert magic crafting)

-What sold me were that with a few points you could easily become adapt in different skills, were if you followed the old DoD rules it would take decades to teach your old monkey of a character new tricks and everything was a different skill..
-Furthermore I see they had an idea to even out the characters, a skilled Mage(vitner crafter) is no longer all powerful, and a capable warrior is not the only one able to fight and with the every weapon deals 1T10 damage, a rogue is no longer outshined by the great axe swinging hobo in a full plate...
- my belief is they tried to reflect this over at the stats too, you don't need a high stat to be effective, and very stat bonus is only applied at few places like strength to Melee damage and HP, and Dexterity to initiative and max movement, whereas PSY is more against getting frightened or a few nasty spells and intellect is a simple skills cost more/less (some stat can seem to outshine others)
-Also the faith casting, if one likes the setting, is quiet tasty

I want to point out that I actually like this game in most ways, but it's a new version of good old DoD and not the the actual same game reprinted...
I truly just hope riotmind makes a 'Trudvang expert' with split body parts, magic item crafting and maybe a summon/dismiss elementals (ooooh dear that fire salamander)
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by Flug Riddaren » 28 Feb 2018, 01:15

Yeah I hear you!

I Loved Old DoD Expert, it was such a fun system to build something in. I think they streamlined this one to much but I will give it a try. Perhaps it is pretty balanced after all. I simply have to DM good old Vildhjarta and se :)

No body parts? :O Same DMG for everything and no special stats. There is so much I just feel is weird.
Flug Riddaren
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