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Knowledge Disciplines and Specialties

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by russec » 13 Jan 2018, 01:24

Inquiry 1
Culture Knowledge, the rulebook stats that a character has lvl1 in their origination culture. Can this be purchased multiple times to specify an additional culture or are they always locked to only their culture? Other specialties like (Foreign Tongue and Reading and Writing) clearly specify they "can be purchased multiple times".

Inquiry 2
Culture Knowledge Specialties ( Customs and Law, Lore and legends, and Religion ) all state that they must be specified as one of the six core cultures ( Stormlanders, Mittlanders, Viranns, Wildfoks, Dwarves, Elves )...but these are specialties of a specified Culture Knowledge, so must they automatically be the same culture as the Culture Knowledge given they are a sub-category? Example, I am a Human Virann so I have Culture Knowledge lvl1 in Virann, but I want to purchase Lore & Legends lvl1 with a focus on Wildfolk. Is that possible or (going back to question 1) do I need / can I purchase a second Culture Knowledge Disciplines in Wildfolk first to get Lore & Legends Lvl1?

Inquiry 3
Learning Discipline, the rulebook doesn't directly state you can purchase multiple times, but its implied by "the discipline involves an infinite number of specialties where each specialty is a specific subject." On the other hand it sounds like you can only pick one "specific subject of ...choosing". So is this a single Discipline that must have a specified focus?

Inquiry 4
Going along with the Learning Discipline is then Insight, can it be purchased multiple times?

Thanks again,

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by Kaeam » 13 Jan 2018, 19:33

Hello Russell,

I think that the Culture Knowledge discipline has to be purchased separately for each culture and that the specialties must match the parent discipline's culture. After all, why would someone who is familiar with Virann culture be able to use that knowledge to learn about Wildfolk legends?

Also on the subject of Culture Knowledge, I am pretty sure that it should only give you SV +1/level like all the other disciplines.

The Learning discipline is only purchased once and does nothing except apply its modifier to all Insight specialties you have learned. On the other hand, you can have unlimited amount of Insight specialties and each one covers different subject.
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