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by hemulen » 03 Jan 2018, 01:06

A few things that I've spotted:

Player's Handbook p56: The table says that Bruid gains bonuses to Blood Gifting, and Stormkelt to Blood Oaths. The text for Bruid and Stormkelt says the opposite. The Dimwalker book agrees with the text so I guess the table is incorrect.

Player's Handbook p59: Does Battle Experience (D) add Combat points for attacks and parries, or does it not apply for attacks/parries? If it does apply, this would mean that Attacks/Parries could go to 10 (Fighting) + 5 (Armed Fighting/Unarmed Fighting) +10 (Weapon) + 5 (Battle Experience) + 10 (Fighter/Brawling/Wrestling) = 40.

Player's Handbook p70: Vyrding says that it takes twice as long to shape vitner into a spell. I haven't seen this mentioned in the Vitner book under weaving times (p19)
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by IsakOqvist » 03 Jan 2018, 10:49

The combat example in GMG seems to add CP from Battle Experience (D) as Free CP.
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by RuneRat » 03 Jan 2018, 11:22

I also understand it that Battle Experience adds to Free CP. The Combat Actions Specialty adds only to non attack and parry CP, while Fighter Specialty adds only to attack and parry CP.

Of course I could be wrong.
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by Kingbrolly » 25 Jan 2018, 19:13

There is a Sentence repeated in the GM guide book as well.

Chapter 1 page 10 bottom right when explaining Raud

Raud, Change of Fate
Fate prevails over life's events, but not always over a person's will and actions. no one can completely control their predestined death, but with certain deeds and actions, they can at least postpone it.

By spending Raud, the character can undo an action. By spending Raud, the character can undo an action. such fate changes have to made directly after the action, never at a later time.
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