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Starting with less than 300 Creation Points?

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by hemulen » 02 Jan 2018, 16:54

Anyone tried less than 300 CP?
Looking at building a PC, if I take a warrior I can spend initial 50+300 points as follows:

Fighter 10 (cost 54) (SV 10)
- Armed Fighting 1 (cost 7) (SV 2)
-- 1h Weapon (right) 5 (cost 105) (SV 10)
- Battle Experience 1 (cost 7) (SV 2?)
-- Fighter 5 (cost 105) (SV 10)

total 278
50+300 - 278 still leaves 72 points for other things.

This gives 10+2+10+10 SV = 32 (+20 Free, +2 Armed, +10 1h weapon) - or possibly 2 more (Does Battle Experience give combat points for attacks/parries or just for movement/drawing weapons etc?)

Ok, a bit of a one trick pony, but with 72 points remaining still some flexibility for skills or increasing attributes.

I was wondering if anyone has started with an even lower set of Creation Points?
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by Mugge » 06 Jan 2018, 01:41

I would say starting with less then 350 would probably have to be a test/starter scenario for teenage heroes, still living with their parents... Furthermore the skill set would be a one trick pony; cause you are slow with initiative, worse in armor, you could have gained useful traits for a few points without downsides, and yer, one shouldn't look down on 72 points, those are quiet descent to become able in a skill (able as stealthy assassin who can hardly write his name, and lives of the leftovers from his victims :? ) but to be useful in a skill with possible penalties you need about 15 in 1T20 game (trust me I have played more then one useless character in such a game)

Try and make a capable vitner caster from the same amount, or what a mounted fighter might need or even worse a duel wielder... With 350 you can easily metagame for the most powerful killer machine capable, but as the game tells, a trudvang scenario should be just as much a survival of nature and a team game of useful skills, like crafting, storytelling, knowledge and hunting
You don't have to be good at everything, sometimes helping or simply being able is enough. If you don't need such skills I did say your GM is going easy

Ps yes 'battle experience' gives free combat points and additional initiative (+1/+1), just as fighting skill gives free combat points for move, attack, draw weapons, etc.
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