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Crafting and materiels

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by Mugge » 27 Dec 2017, 01:17

Hello to all of the goodfolks of riot forum, i'll skip the most of my personal story and simply stick to being a great fan of good old drakar och dæmoner expert (Danish edition)

I could really use some help on materials since, as the rules are now, those are very limited; until now I found some components in 'Jorgi's Beastiary', and spottet a few teasers in the 'game masters guide' & "players guide"

I found some enteresting craft components under Jorgi's
'Giant spider's' attack web (for bow strings)
'Jarnwurm's' magma blood ability (for weapons and armors)
'Firdtursir's' belly of gold ability (for weapons)

op till now i have only found refrences to these materiels but no futher text in GMs guide, players og jorgis beast?
"gatesilver" spottet under players guide 'tendril of dimhall' spell
'mitraka' steel (spottet in beastarie under more then one creature description fx hirmtroll)
'Elfarka' wood, said to be as strong as iron and 'copper oak' which should be filled with vitner (both names found under GMs guide under the "forest section")
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by Rekishi » 14 Dec 2018, 04:47

I had one of my international players asking about this today and I decided to find more info about it. I found a section in the old Swedish Trudvang GM book and translated it to English and made a pdf out of it. It doesn't contain anything about Gatesilver though, but all the other materials.

Do you want it? Come join my discord, I posted it there. Or join one of these groups on facebook, you can find it under "files".

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