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Cost of (D)/lvl vs. (S)/lvl

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by Storm » 30 Aug 2017, 20:08

:?: Hi!
I have some issues with the cost of a lvl in a Discipline vs. a Speciality.

The Players Guide states on page 42 within the text body that a level in a Speciality costs (7/14/21/28/35) the same as a level of a Discipline but gives a Bonus of +2 for each level.
The maxed out Speciality comes to a SV of Skill (10) + 5 Discipline (+1/level) +10 Speciality (+2/level) = 25
Is this correct? Somewhere I found a calculation that ends with a total of 20...but I can't find it anymore.

The Weavers Guide states that a Vitner Tablet is a Speciality but levels here cost (4/7/10/14/20). On page 14 there are two tables which are almost exactly the same and could easily integrated into one table ("Learning time and cost for Vitner Tablet Levels" and the table "Cost of Vitner Tablets").
The TEXT on page 14 now clearly states that Tablet are treated as any other Speciality and list the costs for each level now agin with 7/14/21/28/35. Am I missing
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by Storm » 30 Aug 2017, 20:19

Further more:
Dimwalkers states the same for Divine Feats=Speciality and lists the costs WITHIN the text "Levels of Divine Feats" as follows: (page 6) 4/7/10/14/20 but in the table "Levels of Divine Feats" right below the text the costs are listed as 4/7/7/10/10...
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by Mugge » 28 Dec 2017, 12:33

Hello, just gained the books, I believe i saw somewere, that they changed the tablet cost back to the same cost as the specialeties, but i can't remember which post...

i'm not quiet sure if the tablets of both vitner and faith is affected by the reduced cost from intellect skill, but as i read it, in players guide, tablets are all specialeties, and cost 7/14/21/28/35
(or if my idear is correct, when modified fx with trait intelect of -2 it would be 9/16/23/30/37 and with a +4 intelect it would be 3/10/17/24/31... Sry metagamer syndrom)

The cost show in faith skill says that to buy the 1st rank of disciplines and specialiety, you will need 4 in the faith skill
-to be able to buy the 2nd and 3rd rank you will need to aquire 7 in faith skill
- and 4-5th rank faith 10, just like every other skill trees

Faith(skill) 7, invoke(dis) 1, bruid(spec) 3, magh's gift(tablet) 2
Divine power (dis)2, faithfull(spec) 1
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by Storm » 02 Jan 2018, 12:29

Yeah, I think you are absolutely correct. Back with the proof reads there was still a lot of confusing stuff and I‘m glad it got cleaned up. Meanwhile I have played the system quite for some time and am more than happy with it, despite the fact that I still need to check a lot of stuff back in the books.
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