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by Splinterbox » 07 Oct 2016, 00:41

Hi Guys,

Are magical items like enchanted weapons, armour, rings etc very rare?

I quite like magic items to be low level things like lucky charms, a family heirloom, or sacred relics that bestow a particular benefit. The really powerful items I prefer to be owned by kings, hidden in dragon hoards, or closely guarded by the priests.

Can you give us an example of the type of items a character may hope get.

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by Theo » 21 Oct 2016, 14:11

Hey Splinterbox,

hmm.. good questions. We'd say they are quite rare and powerful. But pretty much the same as in other games. Give you plus on to hit, damage, spells etc. However, we believe magical item must have a story to make them interesting. Just a plus this, or plus that sword is of no relevance in Trudvang.
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by ianinak » 23 Dec 2017, 00:51

The GM guide says that magic items exist, but doesn't give any examples. Are there any lists of magic items, official or player created, that have proven to work well? There are no guidelines for how to make them or what sorts of things would be appropriate for them to do. Any suggestions would be really useful!
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by Mugge » 28 Dec 2017, 12:10

I'm a fan of old drakar och dæmoner which is with most of the basic mekanics of trudvang, i'll try give a few examples of what might be a magical item and how to balance them into the game.

-Fx flaming sword; when held toward the sun or a cirtain magic phase is spoken loud "svöb ild" the blade burst in flames giving additional fx 1d10-1d10(or10) damage, but alas as a price the sword may suck 4-9 virtner or Hit points (if the charector doesnt proses vitner), when activated and every 4th round (the GM may say that since the char dosnt know how to channel the energy the swords slowly freezes him toward death, if he can use vitner the air around him seems freezing for as many minutes or hours as the sword were activated in rounds)
-Crown of power, able to use the spell 'creature control' on a person which you gain eye contact. The crown may only be able to do this two times a day or once more powerful as if 16 vitner points were stored... Or the weilder may have to store this energy into it using his own vitner or HP; with a spell like this simply activating on command, the GM should roll fx 1d20 and on a 20 prosses the charecter using it, as the crown comes alive with a powerhungry desire, were the charecter needs to succede a situation valuer of -6 to 6 (+psy mod and +2 for each vitner potency) to regain his body.
-A water stick, Formed like a powerful 'Y' and whenever held by both handels! It will direct you toward the nearest pool of water!!! (players wil hate you for this :roll: )

These are all spells, simply added to an object with a trigger, the first sword taking the idea from 'burning hand', the crown and the all mighty Stick, preatty much tells itself..
Using this as guidelines its easy to make items from spells fx "enchant object" on a weapon or armor, or "wind armor" on a ring or amulet, the simply finding a trigger and payment
-fx the sword above is hash if your fighter havent learnt vitner, but this might track him in a new direction and ideas as his char comes alive, the crown is a easy way to store energy, but if it ever goes wrong, well... The stick should actually be seen as the most powerful, yes you have to use both hands and its useless if the players have a water supplie, but there is no cost, no limited uses.

Read op on the vitner spell 'seal' for trigger idears and a good guideline to making magic items, and look op on thuul crafting for idears of charges per day (if the players get the power to craft items remember to balance it, a magic item should be more dangerius to use or craft and never outshine a thuul forge player)
-don't drown your players in this, try to keep Powerful items to a minimum, and either exchange to something new, make the story so they feel bad if they don't bring it back to the rightful Jarl or quest them to destroy it with dragon and hellfire to secure the future

Godly artifacts is new to me so i'll keep to pointing at the faith spells in players were you actualy borrows an artifact; one of my fevorits is 'Roggdrasil' from Eald traditions, and its last effect (ruled by the GM)
As an idear to an artifacts creation; may be an oath and a big sacrifice or great gathered prayer fx let this sword slay the troll king and proctect its wilder against his evil powers, wereas its a normal sword op till the encounter with the troll king that endangers the land, and at that point it springs to life and if the person is succesful the sword keeps its powers like +2 dmg/+4 against trolls and +4 on all sitionation valuers to save against vitner.. But the sword can only be used to protect 'this' land against trolls and their allys?

Sry for the long post, ps under craft it implies that not only the master craft bonus of a weapon/item, my go to fighting but also fx a runeinscribed staff which grants +3 to vitner craft rolls, a relegious item (eald my be a spear?) with blessings and scriptures may grant it to faith channeling.... Or a well made pair of boots to better sneak in or a cloak fabricated to go one in nature granting a bonus in camuflage and hideing in the wild.... Master crafted items as said in the book my seem just as magical for commonfolks
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by Splinterbox » 30 Dec 2017, 23:13

Hi Mugge,

That is a great reply and very helpful. I love how using magic in this game causes a reaction to it somewhere else.
Just got my books from the Kickstarter and I am going to start going through the guides tomorrow.
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by Storm » 02 Jan 2018, 12:51

Basically just think of the „Ruling Ring“ from The Lord of the Rings and you get a fairly good idea. A magical or holey effect always comes at a balancing cost or a grave limitation (or both). Yet limiting the usefulness of an item to its otherworldly powers would leave out most of the fun. Artefacts are so rare that many are known from stories and legends, or will be heard from soon, when used. And therefore those carrying them will find themselves as focus of quite some attention - benevolend and malevolent. In any case they should influence social encounters at least in form of a quick recognition and it will get ever harder for PCs to just blend in with the crowd. And yet in situations where the PCs try to be recognized as who they are it should be way more easy to proof their identity (and maybe their trustworthiness).
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