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Vitner users and magic

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by Mayor » 19 Sep 2016, 10:15

@ Riotminds.

Hi guys. I played DoD Trudvang in the past, and I am of course backing your Kickstarter, very happy to see published books again. And the KS is going so well!!! Congratulations. 

I have some thought that I voiced in the KS forum, but didn´t get any response. I understand that you are probably extremely busy, and maybe that forum was the wrong place for my thoughts, so I´ll give it a go here instead.

My question is regarding magic and spellcasters in Trudvang. As I understand it, you aim to make magic and magicians more ”Shaman-like”. Does this have any consequences for the rules for using magic? In the “old rules” there are some specializations that makes you better at spellcasting that has a definite “Shaman-wibe” to them, but there are no real “restrictions” for spellcasters, except your Vitner points of course. You don´t really need to do anything specific or have any equipment or the like, you can use your magic just by moving your body and saying your spells. When I think of a Schaman, I envision a person covered in paint or tattoos, with talismans hanging from their belt and with the “troll-drum” in their lap.

Maybe it´s just me, but I have always had a bit of a problem with the “battle-mage” that stands in the middle of the battle field and uses his magic openly for everyone to see. I like my magic to be subtle, mysterious, complicated and dangerous. Curses, taking the shape of animals and the like are great. Fire balls and bolts of lighting is, according to me anyway, a bit silly and not “fairy-taleish” enough for Trudvang
Maybe I am rambling now. What I am asking is – will the Shaman-like Vitner users of Trudvang Chronicles be significantly different from “the wizard” in most fantasy games, or will they be more or less like they were presented in the “Box-version” of DoD Trudvang?

I have some thought on how to make the Vitner user more Shaman-like, if you are interested. Take it or leave it. :)

The spell caster needs “tools of the trade” to be able to use his magic, like perhaps a drum, some amulets or other “props”. To change into an animal, for example, he first needs to construct a “hamn” (A “suit”, made from that animals fur/feathers or whatever) and put it on.

Maybe he/she has to know how to sing or play an instrument to work his spells? It could be different for everybody, or maybe every spell requires different equipment? To put a curse on somebody, for example, you´ll need some of their hair or a piece of their clothing? And of course, there must always be a way to break a curse, like being silent for three years, burn a talisman or whatever.

I am aware that I want to make the lives of the player that chooses to play a Vitner user more complicated. But my opinion is that the mood and feeling of mystery surrounding magic is more important for most players. Being a magic user isn´t for everybody, and the rules should reflect that. They can still be immensely powerful, of course, but on the battle-field it is the warriors time to shine. If the spell caster hasn´t done real preparations beforehand, he/she is vulnerable.

Thank you for reading my humble opinions. I hope the KS continues to be successful and I am really looking forward to the finished books, regardless of whether or not you take my opinions to heart. :D

Sincerely Johan
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